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We’re still testing and refining on a daily basis under a variety of road and weather conditions. What we’ve found has been very promising and we’re quite happy with the results.

When driving conservatively between 55 – 65 mph and easy on the throttle, the Sparrow’s range is right at 100 miles. Driving a bit more competitively in commuter traffic at 70 – 75 mph and allowing for a few trips into the passing lane at 80 mph, the Sparrows range is closer to 80 miles.

Here’s a look at one of our “seat of the pants” tests:

Headed east to make a trip over Pacheco Pass to Santa Nella on CA highway 152. This is a twisty mountain road with lots of traffic and a couple of steep climbs on both sides. The Sparrow had no trouble maintaining speeds between 60-65 mph the whole way. A u-turn in Santa Nella to come back over the same pass into Hollister for a round trip of 60 miles.

Once finished with Pacheco Pass, Mike clocked another 40 miles around town in light traffic and along local highways that average around 50 mph.

When all was said and done,the Sparrow rolled into R&D with just over 100 miles on the clock and 7% left in her Lithium Ion battery pack.

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