Sparrow Beta Program

The Next Chapter in Sparrow History
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As most already know, Corbin invented the first Sparrow in the 90’s and has now moved forward with this incredible, modernized offering that runs on the latest electrical technology. We will be producing 100 Sparrow Beta vehicles, all exclusively numbered and hand built at our workshop in Hollister, CA. This opportunity is available to the first 100 approved drivers.

Beta cars are pre-production models that are fully operational, but still subject to change as we work to respond to feedback and develop the final production design. We are looking for passionate early adopters to help with valuable feedback while enjoying very high vehicle efficiency and being a part of the early stages of the next great idea.

Beta Sparrows will be built on the same principal as one would build a custom car or motorcycle. Payments will be due at various stages of the process with the final amount due as the vehicle is completed and picked up. We will provide a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) when the vehicle is completed. You will use the MSO at the Department of Motor Vehicles to register your Sparrow and receive a title from the DMV.

Ideally, interested parties will be located in California where vehicle pick up and/or factory service will be most convenient. We thank you for your interest and for following along on this latest stage of the Sparrow adventure.

Cost Schedule Sparrow Beta Program

Once your application is approved, you will place a deposit for your Sparrow Beta car. Your deposit will be applied to the construction of your Sparrow and is 100% refundable.
Register and assign Vehicle Identification Number for your Sparrow Beta. Congratulations, you are one of the first 100!
Assign approximate time slot based on shop availability. Obtain all necessary components, build and paint chassis and bodywork to coincide with estimated schedule.
Custom build and Assembly of your Sparrow… We’re in the home stretch! Drop by to take a few pictures or we can send you some to show your friends.
Your custom built Sparrow is now ready for pickup in Hollister, CA. Congratulations!
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